In this article, another in our series of looking inside the Cloud, we will be looking more closely at Firewalls – their purpose and how they work. A firewall is combination of hardware and software that monitors incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks that traffic (specifically called data packets) based on a […]

IP Ports (Standard and Ephemeral)

In continuation of our series delving into how the Cloud works, in this blog post, we will be looking at IP ports – what they are, what they do and how and why are they used. I have also published a blog post looking into IP addresses in further detail, an interrelated subject to IP […]

IP Addresses

In another entry in our series on the Cloud, in this article we look into IP addresses. An IP (Internet Protocol) Address is an address of your network hardware. It helps in connecting devices to other devices on the network and all over the world. It is the address of devices routers use to determine routes […]

Load Balancers

This is another entry in our series looking Inside the Cloud. In this blog post, we look a little more deeper into load balancers – what they are, what they do and how they work. Load Balancers Load balancers play one of the most critical parts of a system – they are the components that […]

What do apps and websites run on?

This is the first article in our series looking into the inner workings of ‘the Cloud” and the data centres that host them. With the proliferation of apps and websites, and with seemingly everything being connected to ‘the cloud’, internet use is becoming more critical to our daily lives – to the extent that some […]