Designing Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are metrics that are used to measure the success of a strategy, programme or product. As strategies are implemented by programmes/initiatives, Programme Managers in particular, as well as Product Owners and Departmental Heads in general, are the ones that usually create the KPI for the initiative, build a consensus around them […]


A Short Guide to Calculating the Total Cost of Ownership of a Cloud

This is a shorter summarised version, of a longer and more detailed blog on calculating the total cost of ownership of a cloud platform. In this post, I cover the essence of how to calculate the TCO, what to include in it and my recommendations for calculating it. Build into the Architecture the Gathering of […]

Building Better Tech Platforms

Building Better Technology Platforms

Technology platforms are incredibly powerful systems that can help reduce technology costs, grow a product portfolio and create new revenue streams, if implemented correctly. But successfully using them can be difficult and can lead to increased resource costs, technical debt and product upgrade bottlenecks. In this article I will share my views in how to […]